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This page shows photos of the completed restoration project. We thought it would be a nice touch to take some photos at the original location of 484's depot, now a prestige car dealership.

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(Above) This is the location of the Central SMT depot in Bothwell Road, Hamilton where 484 was garaged from
1954 to 1967. The site is now occupied by Douglas Park's BMW dealership.


(above) At the Firstbus depot at Burnbank, Hamilton, 484 is pictured beside a modern double decker.
Firstbus took over Kelvin Central which included the original SMT company so this shows the development
of bus transport.


(above) These two shots show 484 in between its modern counterparts. 484 is of 1954 vintage, the bus on the
right is from 1998 and the one on the left is from 2008.


(above) 484 parked beside a modern day coach which is almost as high. The driving positions are almost identical.


(above) 484 on display at the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum Open Day - August 2010